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Luminary Labs is a New York City-based strategy and innovation consultancy established in 2009. Thorny problems are our strong suit: We are energized by complex, multistakeholder spaces where the solutions are not obvious and the potential for impact is high. Our work spans a broad cross section of topics across four focus areas: future of health, future of work and education, scientific discovery, and infrastructure.


We have an equal appreciation for strategy and execution. We are agile, “no surprises” consultants who work closely with government, foundation, and private-sector clients to analyze a given problem space, synthesize our learnings, surface key tensions and opportunity spaces, and guide collaborative decision-making. We then translate all of this upfront thinking into the strategies and programs that turn great ideas into great realities. We are known for setting a high bar on all aspects of execution.


Be part of a high-performing team and still have a life. We believe that career choices are not binary; you can have a challenging and rewarding career while also living your life. Our clients appreciate that we bring the highest level of excellence to everything we do — and our team appreciates that we are thoughtful and efficient so that we aren’t expected to be online later.

At Luminary Labs, you’ll be both challenged and supported in your trajectory. You’ll have a chance to lead and a chance to learn from experienced leaders, working on large-scale engagements for some of the world’s most visionary clients.

Flexibility at Luminary Labs has always meant setting clear expectations, respecting boundaries, and considering the needs of real humans. As a services organization, we are available during our client’s working hours (typically 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern). We offer flexibility during the day by leaning into the principles of transparency, respect, and trust.

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